Different Medical & Industrial Uses

The various categories for the health uses of jojoba oil:

To use on any place on the body or the hair, just add a few drops, and rub for 4-5 seconds:

Cosmetic Uses:

  • For preventing wrinkles.
  • For softening of skin, especially hands.
  • For treating chapped or rough hands.
  • For treating cracked and ulcerated skin.
  • For preventing hair loss.
  • For making hair smoother and healthier.
  • Adds shine and body to your hair.
  • For improving shampoo and hair conditioners.
  • For smoothness of body skin – add before and after shower or bath.
  • For smoother easier shaving – apply to face before and after shaving.
  • May be added to any desired perfume, as it has no odor.

External Medicinal Uses:

  • For massage for relieving joint and muscle pains, and the massage of tense muscles of the back and neck as it contains the anti-inflammatory substance myristic acid.
  • For treating baby and body rash – a 100% sure remedy!
  • For treating minor burns and sunburn.
  • For the prevention of urinal track infections in females, and fungus formation
  • For treating hemmoroids by adding to affected areas.
  • For distributing and/or breaking external fat deposits on the stomach or legs, thus removing the fats from unwanted area s by continuous rubbing and massaging.

Internal Medicinal Uses:

  • For preventing coughing, especially by taking a small spoon followed by a little honey.
  • For preventing smoker’s cough.
  • For relieving constipation without causing diarrhea in elders.
  • For treating stomach ulcers
  • For losing weight by substituting jojoba oil in place of the oils and fats in cooking and preparation of foods.

Jojoba Oil’s specific properties for industrial use:

  • Jojoba oil is stable for years.  It is a non-drying oil, having such a high resistance to oxidation that it can be stored for years without becoming rancid.
  • Jojoba oil has very high boiling, smoke, flash and fire points.  The boiling point of jojoba oil is 389 degrees Centigrade, which makes it useful as an additive for lubrication.
  • Jojoba oil is an antioxidant with high tocopherols concentrations and is used in improving lubrication oils and thus prevents their rapid change in viscosity when used as an additive to the oil lubricants in cars and motors.
  • Jojoba oil has a liquid wax composition that makes it effective for health use as an oil free of triglycerides with little or no calories – because it is not a triglyceride, i.e., it is NOT a fat.  It is a diet oil.
  • It is used with various plant cosmetic oils as a carrier oil, i.e., it helps other oils in penetrating the skin and  hair.  Thus, it is a good oil bath, as well as a carrier of drugs and the needed medicine for the skin and hair, without being greasy.

The Industrial Uses:

  • For polishing, waxing and protection of wood and wooden furniture, as well as leather items, shoes, etc.
  • For protecting the dashboard leather (or synthetic) on cars.
  • For improving engine lubrication by adding 150 ml to engine oil or to transmission oil.
  • For lubricating ultrasound medical instruments.
  • For lubricating locks.
  • For use as a cutting oil in sharpening of knives, etc.
  • For use in paints and varnishes to improve their spread-ability, shine and stability.
  • For the waxing of fruits to keep them from dehydration.
  • It has been used to improve apple and orange sales in Palestine because these fruits then remain glossy and less dehydrated upon display for a long time.
  • For a covering of home-made cucumbers and olive pickles in order to increase their shelf life (storage).

Specifications of Palestinian Jojoba Oil and Its Packaging:

Physical properties of pure natural jojoba oil:

  • Freezing point           7oC
  • Melting point             11oC
  • Boiling point           389oC

Palestinian Jojoba Oil is 100% natural and organically produced in the hills of the West Bank under rainfed dry-farming conditions.  The seeds are handpicked, cold-pressed and triple-filtered to produce the clear golden extra virgin jojoba oil.   It is packaged and marketed as shown below:

  • 1000 ml (1 liter) drip-top plastic bottles, with an extra alternate screw top.
  • 150 ml spray plastic bottle
  • 100 ml drip-top bottle
  • 50 ml drip-top bottle
  • 17 liter yellow, heavy plastic containers

Even though natural cold-pressed jojoba oil in Palestine keeps it natural qualities for many years, nitrogen gas is added before closing the large 17 liter plastic containers.